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survey/phplot/phplot.php File Reference

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Data Structures

class  PHPlot


enum  MINY
enum  MAXY
enum  TOTY


 array_pad_array (&$arr, $size, $arr2=NULL)
 array_merge_php4 ($array1, $array2)


 if (!defined(__FUNCTION__)) define(__FUNCTION__

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum MAXY

Definition at line 20 of file phplot.php.

enum MINY

Definition at line 19 of file phplot.php.

enum TOTY

Definition at line 21 of file phplot.php.

Function Documentation

array_merge_php4 ( array1,

Fixes problem with array_merge() in PHP5.

I simply copied this from a bug report. I am not running php5 yet, so I cannot reproduce it, which is why I trust the reporter.

Definition at line 4426 of file phplot.php.

References $key.

Referenced by array_pad_array().


    foreach(func_get_args() as $arg){
        foreach($arg as $key=>$val){
    return $return;

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array_pad_array ( &$  arr,
arr2 = NULL 

Pads an array with another or with itself.

arr array Original array (reference)
size int Size of the resulting array.
arr2 array If specified, array to use for padding. If unspecified, pad with $arr.

Definition at line 4412 of file phplot.php.

References array_merge_php4().

Referenced by PHPlot::PadArrays(), PHPlot::SetPointShapes(), and PHPlot::SetPointSizes().

    if (! is_array($arr2)) {
        $arr2 = $arr;                           // copy the original array
    while (count($arr) < $size)
        $arr = array_merge_php4($arr, $arr2);        // append until done

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

if(!defined(__FUNCTION__)) define(__FUNCTION__

Definition at line 16 of file phplot.php.