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ilBMFHeader Class Reference

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 ilBMFHeader ($name= '', $type, $value=NULL, $mustunderstand=0, $actor= '')

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file class.ilBMFValue.php.

Member Function Documentation

ilBMFHeader::ilBMFHeader ( name = '',
value = NULL,
mustunderstand = 0,
actor = '' 


string name of the soap-value <value_name>
mixed soap header value
string namespace
int mustunderstand (zero or one)
string actor

Definition at line 137 of file class.ilBMFValue.php.

References ilBMFValue::$name, ilBMFValue::$type, ilBMFValue::$value, and ilBMFValue::ilBMFValue().

        parent::ilBMFValue($name, $type, $value);
        $this->attributes['SOAP-ENV:actor'] = $actor;
        $this->attributes['SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand'] = (int)$mustunderstand;

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