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ilVirusScannerAntiVir Class Reference

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 ilVirusScannerAntivir ($a_scancommand, $a_cleancommand)
 Constructor public.
 scanFile ($a_filepath, $a_origname="")
 scan a file for viruses

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

ilVirusScannerAntiVir::ilVirusScannerAntivir ( a_scancommand,

Constructor public.

string virus scanner command

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References ilVirusScanner::ilVirusScanner().

                $this->ilVirusScanner($a_scancommand, $a_cleancommand);
                $this->type = "antivir";
                $this->scanZipFiles = true;

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ilVirusScannerAntiVir::scanFile ( a_filepath,
a_origname = "" 

scan a file for viruses

string path of file to check
string original name of the file to ckeck
string virus message (empty if not infected) public

Reimplemented from ilVirusScanner.

Definition at line 59 of file class.ilVirusScannerAntiVir.php.

References $cmd, and ilVirusScanner::logScanResult().

                // This function should:
                // - call the external scanner for a_filepath
                // - set scanFilePath to a_filepath
                // - set scanFileOrigName to a_origname
                // - set scanFileIsInfected according the scan result
                // - set scanResult to the scanner output message
                // - call logScanResult() if file is infected
                // - return the scanResult, if file is infected
                // - return an empty string, if file is not infected

                $this->scanFilePath = $a_filepath;
                $this->scanFileOrigName = $a_origname;

                // Call of antivir command
                $cmd = $this->scanCommand . " " . $a_filepath. " 2>&1";
                exec($cmd, $out, $ret);
                $this->scanResult = implode("\n", $out);

                // sophie could be called
                if (ereg("ALERT:", $this->scanResult))
                        $this->scanFileIsInfected = true;
                        return $this->scanResult;
                        $this->scanFileIsInfected = false;
                        return "";

                // antivir has failed (todo)
                $this->log->write("ERROR (Virus Scanner failed): "
                                                . $this->scanResult
                                                . "; COMMAMD=" . $cmd);


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