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 _getCommands ()
 get commands

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Class ilObjLearningModuleAccess.

Alex Killing <>
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ilObjLearningModuleAccess::_getCommands (  ) 

get commands

this method returns an array of all possible commands/permission combinations

example: $commands = array ( array("permission" => "read", "cmd" => "view", "lang_var" => "show"), array("permission" => "write", "cmd" => "edit", "lang_var" => "edit"), );

Reimplemented from ilObjectAccess.

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Referenced by ilObjLearningModuleListGUI::init().

                $commands = array
                        array("permission" => "read", "cmd" => "view", "lang_var" => "show",
                                "default" => true),
                        array("permission" => "read", "cmd" => "continue", "lang_var" => "continue_work"),
                        array("permission" => "write", "cmd" => "edit", "lang_var" => "edit"),
                return $commands;

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