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ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter Class Reference

XML writer class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter ()
 setObjects (&$roles)
 setType ($type)
 start ()
 getXML ()
 __buildHeader ()
 __buildFooter ()

Data Fields

 $user_id = 0

Detailed Description

XML writer class.

Class to simplify manual writing of xml documents. It only supports writing xml sequentially, because the xml document is saved in a string with no additional structure information. The author is responsible for well-formedness and validity of the xml document.

Stefan Meyer <>
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Member Function Documentation

ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::__buildFooter (  ) 

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References ilXmlWriter::xmlEndTag().

Referenced by start().


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Here is the caller graph for this function:

ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::__buildHeader (  ) 

Definition at line 134 of file class.ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter.php.

References ilXmlWriter::xmlHeader(), ilXmlWriter::xmlSetDtdDef(), ilXmlWriter::xmlSetGenCmt(), and ilXmlWriter::xmlStartTag().

Referenced by start().

                $this->xmlSetDtdDef("<!DOCTYPE Roles PUBLIC \"-//ILIAS//DTD ILIAS Roles//EN\" \"".ILIAS_HTTP_PATH."/xml/ilias_role_object_3_7.dtd\">");
                $this->xmlSetGenCmt("Roles information of ilias system");


                return true;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::getXML (  ) 

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References ilXmlWriter::xmlDumpMem().

                return $this->xmlDumpMem(FALSE);

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ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter (  ) 


string xml version
string output encoding
string input encoding public

Definition at line 55 of file class.ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter.php.

References $ilias, and ilXmlWriter::ilXmlWriter().

                global $ilias,$ilUser;


                $this->ilias =& $ilias;
                $this->user_id = $ilUser->getId();

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ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::setObjects ( &$  roles  ) 

Definition at line 66 of file class.ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter.php.

References $roles.

                $this->roles = & $roles;

ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::setType ( type  ) 

Definition at line 71 of file class.ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter.php.

References $type.

                $this->role_type = $type;

ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::start (  ) 

Definition at line 77 of file class.ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter.php.

References $ref_id, __buildFooter(), __buildHeader(), ilUtil::__extractRefId(), ilObjRole::_getTranslation(), ilXmlWriter::xmlElement(), ilXmlWriter::xmlEndTag(), and ilXmlWriter::xmlStartTag().

                if (!is_array($this->roles))
                        return false;


                include_once './classes/class.ilObjRole.php';

                foreach ($this->roles as $role)
                        // if role type is not empty and does not match, then continue;
                        if (!empty($this->role_type) && strcasecmp ($this->role_type, $role["role_type"]) != 0 )

                        $attrs = array( 'role_type' => ucwords($role["role_type"]), 'id' => $role["obj_id"]);

                        // open tag
                        $this->xmlStartTag("Role", $attrs);

                        $this->xmlElement('Title',null, $role["title"]);
                        $this->xmlElement('Description',null, $role["description"]);

                        if ($ref_id = ilUtil::__extractRefId($role["title"]))

                                $ownerObj = IlObjectFactory::getInstanceByRefId($ref_id, false);

                                if (is_object($ownerObj))
                                        $attrs = array ("obj_id" => $ownerObj->getId(), "ref_id" => $ownerObj->getRefId(), "type" => $ownerObj->getType());
                                        $this->xmlStartTag('AssignedObject', $attrs);
                                        $this->xmlElement ('Title', null, $ownerObj->getTitle());
                                        $this->xmlElement ('Description', null, $ownerObj->getDescription());
                                        $this->xmlEndTag ('AssignedObject', $attrs);

                        $this->xmlEndTag ("Role");



                return true;

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Field Documentation


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ilSoapRoleObjectXMLWriter::$user_id = 0

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