Deprecated List

Global PGTStorage::$_error_message
not used.

Global PGTStorage::getErrorMessage ()
not used.

Global PGTStorage::setErrorMessage ($error_message)
not used.

Global PHPlot::CalcXHeights ()
Calculates maximum X-Axis label height. Now inside CalcMargins()

Global PHPlot::CalcYWidths ()
Calculates Maximum Y-Axis tick label width. Now inside CalcMargins()

Global PHPlot::DrawDashedLine ($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $dash_length, $dash_space, $color)

Global PHPlot::DrawDotSeries ()
Use DrawDots()

Global PHPlot::DrawLabels ()

Global PHPlot::DrawLineSeries ()
This method was intended to improve performance by being specially written for 'data-data'. However, the improvement didn't pay. Use DrawLines() instead

Global PHPlot::InitImage ()
The constructor should init 'img'

Global PHPlot::SetAxisFontSize ($which_size)
Use SetFont()

Global PHPlot::SetColor ($which_color)
Use _SetRGBColor()

Global PHPlot::SetDrawXDataLabels ($which_dxdl)
Use SetXDataLabelPos()

Global PHPlot::SetHorizTickIncrement ($inc)
Use SetXTickIncrement()

Global PHPlot::SetHorizTickPosition ($which_tp)
Use SetXTickPos()

Global PHPlot::SetImageArea ($which_iw, $which_ih)
This is now an Internal function - please set width and height via PHPlot() upon object construction

Global PHPlot::SetInputFile ($which_input_file)
Selects an input file to be used as background for the whole graph. This resizes the graph to the image's size.

Global PHPlot::SetNewPlotAreaPixels ($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2)

Global PHPlot::SetNumHorizTicks ($n)
Use SetNumXTicks()

Global PHPlot::SetNumVertTicks ($n)
Use SetNumYTicks()

Global PHPlot::SetSmallFontSize ($which_size)
Use SetFont()

Global PHPlot::SetTickLength ($which_tl)
Use SetXTickLength() and SetYTickLength() instead.

Global PHPlot::SetTitleFontSize ($which_size)
Use SetFont()

Global PHPlot::SetVertTickIncrement ($inc)
Use SetYTickIncrement()

Global PHPlot::SetVertTickPosition ($which_tp)
Use SetYTickPos()

Global PHPlot::SetXDataLabelAngle ($which_xdla)
Use SetXLabelAngle()

Global PHPlot::SetXGridLabelPos ($which_xglp)
Use SetXTickLabelPos()

Global PHPlot::SetXGridLabelType ($which_xglt)
Use SetXLabelType()

Global PHPlot::SetXLabel ($which_xlab)
Use SetXTitle()

Global PHPlot::SetXLabelFontSize ($which_size)
Use SetFont()

Global PHPlot::SetXTitlePos ($xpos)
Use SetXtitle()

Global PHPlot::SetYGridLabelPos ($which_yglp)
Use SetYTickLabelPos()

Global PHPlot::SetYGridLabelType ($which_yglt)
Use SetYLabelType()

Global PHPlot::SetYLabel ($which_ylab)
Use SetYTitle()

Global PHPlot::SetYLabelFontSize ($which_size)
Use SetFont()

Global PHPlot::SetYTitlePos ($xpos)
Use SetYTitle()

Global soap_client::getDefaultRpcParams ()