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ilObjLearningModuleGUI Class Reference

Class ilLearningModuleGUI. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ilObjLearningModuleGUI ($a_data, $a_id=0, $a_call_by_reference=true, $a_prepare_output=true)
 Constructor public.
 assignObject ()
 view ()
 view content object

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Detailed Description

Class ilLearningModuleGUI.

GUI class for ilLearningModule

Alex Killing <>
class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php 11711 2006-07-30 14:11:38Z akill

ilObjLearningModuleGUI: ilLMPageObjectGUI, ilStructureObjectGUI, ilObjStyleSheetGUI, ilMDEditorGUI ilObjLearningModuleGUI: ilLearningProgressGUI, ilPermissionGUI

Definition at line 37 of file class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php.

Member Function Documentation

ilObjLearningModuleGUI::assignObject (  ) 

Reimplemented from ilObjectGUI.

Definition at line 71 of file class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php.

Referenced by ilObjLearningModuleGUI().


                $this->link_params = "ref_id=".$this->ref_id;
                $this->object =& new ilObjLearningModule($this->id, true);

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ilObjLearningModuleGUI::ilObjLearningModuleGUI ( a_data,
a_id = 0,
a_call_by_reference = true,
a_prepare_output = true 

Constructor public.

Definition at line 44 of file class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php.

References assignObject(), and ilObjContentObjectGUI::ilObjContentObjectGUI().

                $this->type = "lm";

                parent::ilObjContentObjectGUI($a_data, $a_id, $a_call_by_reference, $a_prepare_output);

                # BETTER DO IT HERE THAN IN PARENT CLASS ( PROBLEMS FOR import, create)

                // SAME REASON
                if($a_id != 0)
                        $this->lm_tree =& $this->object->getLMTree();
                global $ilias, $tpl, $lng, $objDefinition;

                $this->ilias =& $ilias;
                $this->tpl =& $tpl;
                $this->lng =& $lng;
                $this->objDefinition =& $objDefinition;
                $this->lm_tree =& $a_tree;

                //$this->read(); todo

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ilObjLearningModuleGUI::view (  ) 

view content object

Reimplemented from ilObjContentObjectGUI.

Definition at line 88 of file class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php.

References $_GET, ilObjectGUI::prepareOutput(), ilObjContentObjectGUI::properties(), and ilObjectGUI::viewObject().

                if (strtolower($_GET["baseClass"]) == "iladministrationgui")

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Field Documentation


Reimplemented from ilObjectGUI.

Definition at line 39 of file class.ilObjLearningModuleGUI.php.

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