Todo List

Namespace application

when an error occured and clicking the back button to return to previous page the referer-var in session is deleted -> server error

Das Datefeld wird bei Aenderungen einer Sprache (update, install, deinstall) nicht richtig gesetzt!!! Die Formatfunktionen gehoeren nicht in class.Language. Die sind auch woanders einsetzbar!!! Daher->besser in class.Format

The DATE field is not set correctly on changes of a language (update, install, your stable). The format functions do not belong in class.Language. Those are also applicable elsewhere. Therefore, they would be better placed in class.Format

Namespace ilias
review the concept how the object type definition is loaded. We need a concept to edit the definitions via webfrontend in the admin console.

Global ilObject::putInTree ($a_parent_ref)
role/rbac stuff