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ilGroup Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ilGroup ($a_group_id=0)
 Constructor public.

Static Public Member Functions

 _groupNameExists ($a_group_name, $a_id=0)
 checks if group name already exists.

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Member Function Documentation

ilGroup::_groupNameExists ( a_group_name,
a_id = 0 
) [static]

checks if group name already exists.

Groupnames must be unique for mailing purposes static function; move to better place (ilObjGroup or ilUtil) public

string groupname
integer obj_id of group to exclude from the check.
boolean true if exists

Definition at line 74 of file class.ilGroup.php.

References $ilErr, and $q.

                global $ilDB,$ilErr;
                if (empty($a_group_name))
                        $message = get_class($this)."::groupNameExists(): No groupname given!";

                $clause = ($a_id) ? " AND obj_id != '".$a_id."'" : "";

                $q = "SELECT obj_id FROM object_data ".
                         "WHERE title = '".addslashes($a_group_name)."' ".
                         "AND type = 'grp'".
                $r = $ilDB->query($q);

                if ($r->numRows() == 1)
                        return true;
                        return false;

ilGroup::ilGroup ( a_group_id = 0  ) 

Constructor public.

integer group_id

Definition at line 55 of file class.ilGroup.php.

References $ilias.

                global $ilias;
                // init variables
                $this->ilias = &$ilias;
                $this->group_id = $a_group_id;

Field Documentation


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Referenced by ilGroup().

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