Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
AccessControlClass ilObjTestAccess
applicationClass Bookmarks Bookmark management
assessmentExport class for questionpools
chatClass ilChatUser
commonClass ilObjectDataCache
contentFile System Explorer GUI class
coreClass ilAdministratioGUI
courseCourse XML Parser
dateplanerDatabase Class
digilibClass DigiLib Basic functions for digital library objects
DurationReturn a string of time periods
ilBMFIlBMFBase Common base class of all Soap lclasses
iliasClass ilObjQuestionPool
iLincProcess reponse from Centra Server (c) Sascha Hofmann, 2004
locatorLocator handling class
ModulesClass ilGlossaryDefinition
SOAPIlBMFFault PEAR::Error wrapper used to match SOAP Faults to PEAR Errors
studipRedirect script for studip-users
surveyExport class for surveys
SurveyClass ilObjQuestionPoolAccess
userTracking script used to call the user tracking objects
WebResourceClass ilObjLinkResourceAccess